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Foothills Academic 1One of the building blocks for maturity and growth in teens is education. However, co-occurring mental health issues, traumatic experiences and substance use issues interfere with learning. Often, they become obstacles to achieving a successful educational experience. When teens enter a therapeutic teen treatment center, many families worry that their loved one will continue to fall behind on their educational goals. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery believes in emphasizing continued education during recovery to give our clients their best chance at success after treatment.


Proper education is essential to the development of children and teenagers. First and foremost, schooling allows teens to learn and expand their mind. Subjects like math, language arts, and science help the brain to develop while strengthening skills like reading, writing, and problem-solving. Creative subjects like choir, band, theatre, and art can help students build their self-confidence and participate in self-expression.

Studies show that continued education goes beyond success in the classroom. Schooling teaches students social skills that help them beyond the walls of their school environment. Problem-solving skills learned in the classroom can help individuals once they enter the workforce, lead volunteer efforts, and become an active citizen of the community. Education also helps individuals find and maintain a steady job, develop other life skills, and live an overall healthy and prosperous life.


Poor school performance can be a major red flag for families that their teen may be struggling. Failing grades, acting out in class, and poor attendance are all signs of a deeper, more complex problem. Once these red flags are identified, a therapeutic intervention may be necessary. This will help to determine if there are any underlying mental health or substance abuse issues driving these behaviors.

By focusing on continued education during recovery, teens can keep up with their schooling. A full continuum of care can help increase the chances of success in and out of treatment for teens. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery takes pride in continuing the education of our clients during their time with us. We understand how essential education is to the development of teens and adolescents. By providing educational support in coordination with your loved one’s school both on-site and online, our clients are able to keep up with their studies as they progress through treatment.


Through our treatment program and therapy services at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery, our clients can get back on the right path in life. Continued education during recovery is just one of the many ways that our team gives our clients their best chance. To learn more about our services, contact Foothills at Red Oak Recovery today by calling 866.300.5275.

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