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Smartphone addiction is a real thing. It creeps up on you. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery therapists routinely work with adolescents who struggle with the condition. Here’s how to recover.

What Smartphone Addiction Looks Like

young man on his cellphone in need of a smartphone addiction treatment centerAt our smartphone addiction treatment center, we work with youngsters who use phones as well as tablets and similar devices. Modern technology is now an intimate friend. It enables daily – and instant – communication. It can also handle those unwelcome tasks such as telling someone off.

In many ways, smartphone addiction developed out of a feeling that the devices are now indispensable. Affected adolescents have a difficult time turning off the ringer. As soon as the device vibrates, they check for messages. Should they misplace the phone, they panic.

Taking away the technology is one of the worst punishments they could experience. Because today’s adolescents grew up with the phones, some find it impossible to be without them. And for some, this feeling becomes a mental health condition. It’s fair to say that this condition is a valid type of anxiety.

Getting Help for So-Called Nomophobia

Some suggest the use of the term nomophobia to describe smartphone addiction. As a subset of anxiety, it presents with similar symptoms. Your adolescent may feel disoriented, agitated, and panic-stricken without the phone. For some, this condition becomes a gateway to depression and loneliness. Our process addiction treatment center, which focuses on the condition, combines several treatments. Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that emphasizes the recognition of dysfunctional patterns
  • Depression or anxiety care protocols against the backdrop of smartphone addiction treatment center interventions
  • Trauma treatment that helps adolescents uncover why being without technology makes them feel lost
  • Experiential therapy that encourages a realistic approach to daily living via hands-on experiences
  • Group therapy as a way to deal with issues in a community setting

Talk Therapy Digs Deeper

Foothills Horse Images 10The adolescent treatment center NC trusts has to focus on dealing with the underlying conditions. What led to the development of a smartphone addiction? Could assistance from a social media addiction treatment center be a treatment asset? For example, some teens and young adults develop obsessions with Twitter, SnapChat, and other programs.

In these cases, treatment must focus on the process addiction as well as on the specific online usage patterns. In other situations, there are adolescents who never really learned how to interact without technology. It’s always been a part of their lives. It connects them to the collective hive.

Without it, they don’t know how to stay in contact. Making calls isn’t even at the forefront of the communication tools any longer. Texting and messaging are now communication styles. Participating in the Foothills at Red Oak Recovery smartphone addiction treatment center is the beginning of recovery.

Learning How to Live Without a Smartphone Compulsion

Some adolescents may need a no-cell policy. They’re unable to use their devices without falling victim to obsession. Others respond well to the use of quiet zones. These program participants learn to limit the use of smartphones and go back to see them as tools.

Treatment that begins at the smartphone addiction treatment center continues in the home. You work with your adolescent to keep the boundaries that you agreed on. Most importantly, they may need to continue treatment for underlying psychological conditions. Although the acute withdrawal symptoms may be over, there’s still post-acute withdrawal.

Learn more about helping your teen overcome smartphone addiction. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery therapist can answer your questions. Most importantly, they can help you decide if treatment is necessary. Contact Foothills at Red Oak Recovery at 866.300.5275 today.

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