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Group therapy is a vital part of treatment at our North Carolina adolescent treatment center. In fact, it’s hard to find a rehab center that doesn’t offer it. If that’s so, what makes group counseling so important? In order to understand, people have to learn more about this type of therapy.

What Is Group Therapy?

male comforts friend during group therapyLet’s start with the most obvious question, “What is group counseling?” As the term suggests, group counseling involves receiving therapy in a group setting. When the groups meet, the sessions typically last for an hour or two. At a rehab center, people attend group sessions every day or at least every other day. After rehab, they might only attend a group meeting once or twice a week.

Keep in mind that group therapy has a lot to offer, no matter what mental health issue people are facing. For instance, it’s effective for treating addiction, depression, and anger. The ability to treat mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety, is important. The reason is that mental health issues often lead to substance abuse and vice versa.

Benefits of Group Counseling

Having a firm grasp on group counseling is essential. However, it’s just as important to understand the benefits that it offers. After all, joining a group counseling session usually sounds intimidating at first. When people know all of the benefits, they’re more likely to push themselves to try it.

Group counseling is great for people of all ages, including teens and young adults. It’s helpful to people of any gender as well. In short, it’s a universal therapy that works for just about anyone. With group therapy, your teen will be working with people their age and their gender to effectively solve problems related to addiction and mental health.

During group counseling, people get to use the other members as a sounding board. They also develop friendships that build a network of support. This support network can help them get by challenging them to do better. In addition, they can maintain these relationships after rehab for extra support to stay sober. The relationships that your teen creates in group therapy can last for a lifetime and provide the accountability he needs after treatment.

Studies also show that actively listening and talking to others helps people see their problems in a new way. This change in perspective can lead to major breakthroughs.

Finally, it shows people that they’re not alone in how they think or feel. Isolation is common among those who have substance use disorders. Thankfully, they see from group therapy that others have similar feelings and experiences.

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Do you think that group counseling can help you? Visit us at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery. We offer teen therapy services for those who struggle with substance abuse, trauma, mental health issues and other problems. Our focus on teens ensures that we provide the help that they need to live healthy lives.

At Foothills at Red Oak Recovery, we work hard to create custom treatment plans for adolescents. In fact, we use a wide range of services to ensure that we meet their specific needs. Our attention to detail separates us from other rehab centers that treat teen substance abuse. A few of the services that we provide include:

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