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Bridget Camacho Letter LPTo the parent who feels mentally and emotionally exhausted because you have tried so many things and nothing has worked; hopeless that your life and your relationship with your child will not be the one you had imagined; isolated and alone with no one who understands your experience; angry at yourself for not being able to help your child the way they need and angry with the way your life has been; and…

To the teen who is struggling to find who you are and where you belong; feeling disconnected from your family with no idea how to fix it; feeling isolated, misunderstood, and lost; feeling like you have no control in your life:

You are not alone. There is hope. We are committed to being more than a program for teens. We are committed to creating an experience where teens and families can discover. Discover their worth, hope, relationship with each other, community, and their path ahead.

We believe healing and change are possible. The Foothills campus is made up of individuals who are passionate about the work that we do and committed to our mission of providing adolescents and families with meaningful experiences of connection to restore hope, cultivate growth, and discover their unique purpose. We understand the fear, pain, and struggle that you and your family have been through that have gotten you to this point. We are honored and humbled to be with you at this time and want to join you in your journey to healing so that you can build a life grounded in resilience and full of hope. When you are ready, we are here.


– Bridget Camacho, LCSW