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Families instinctively look for ways to protect their children. Sometimes, additional therapeutic support from an adolescent treatment center in North Carolina is necessary to give teens their best chance at living a healthy and balanced life: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. An adolescent co-occurring disorder treatment program can be the best way to help teens if they are struggling with co-occurring issues.

Teen boy in an adolescent co-occurring disorder treatment programAt Foothills at Red Oak Recovery, we recognize the challenges that teens face when they struggle with trauma, mental health issues, and substance use disorders. We also know how to help them face these challenges. We’ve designed our adolescent treatment center around the unique needs of teenage boys. To learn more about how our services can help your teen, please contact Foothills at Red Oak Recovery today at 866.300.5275

What Co-Occurring Issues Do Teens Face?

As children move through adolescence, they are faced with a variety of transitional changes. These changes take place physically, emotionally, hormonally, sexually, socially, and intellectually. The adolescent brain is also extraordinarily sensitive to its surroundings and more susceptible to stress than the brains of either children or adults. For many teenagers, these and other pressures can lead to one or more of a variety of co-occurring issues taking place together with substance abuse.

Depression and anxiety can make completing even the simplest of tasks very difficult for an adolescent during these impressionable years. Teens in need of depression treatment may experience periods of intense sadness and weepiness with no real explanation for why. They tend to become reclusive, want to remain in bed for long periods of time, and no longer participate in hobbies that they once loved. Teens struggling with depression may also stop spending time with their friends and members of their families. Those struggling with anxiety may seem tense, worried, distant, or disconnected. They tend to have trouble sleeping and may experience changes in their eating habits.

While depression and anxiety are all too common in teens, they may also face a range of other conditions, such as:

Mood Disorders

Mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder, can significantly impact a person’s emotional well-being and daily functioning.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that can develop after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event.


Trauma can have long-lasting effects on an individual’s mental and emotional health. This can lead to symptoms like anxiety, nightmares, and intrusive thoughts.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are intense episodes of overwhelming fear and anxiety. These episodes are often accompanied by physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath.


Self-harm refers to deliberate acts of injuring oneself, often as a way to cope with emotional pain or to gain a sense of control.

If your teen begins to show signs of co-occurring issues, Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is able to help your loved one manage their depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Our co-occurring treatment center is here to help them get back on track.

Why Choose a Teen Mental Health Treatment Center

Mental health problems have significantly increased among adolescents in recent years. This rise can be attributed to various factors, including:

  • Social changes that disrupt family structures
  • The growing issue of youth unemployment
  • Mounting pressures of education and career choices

Living with a mental illness can make everyday tasks challenging, such as work, school, and social interactions. It is crucial to identify these issues early on and provide effective intervention to ensure successful treatment and prevent future complications.

To address the complex nature of co-occurring issues, teenagers require the support of an experienced team that understands their unique needs and can provide appropriate guidance and assistance. By fostering a better understanding of mental health and offering tailored support, we can help teens navigate these challenges and promote their overall well-being.

Seek Treatment for Co-Occurring Issues at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery

When it comes to treating teens, Foothills at Red Oak Recovery, located in North Carolina, can help clients between the ages of 14 to 17 regain control of their lives while successfully managing their mental health and substance abuse issues. Through various treatment modalities and therapeutic interventions, we give our clients their best chance at a healthy, prosperous life after treatment.

horses for equine therapy at a teen mental health treatment center

Teens can find the following therapy services and treatments at our facility:

  • Psychological testing
  • Continued education
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Anxiety treatment
  • Process addiction treatment
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Trauma treatment
  • Disordered eating treatment

Let our staff help your loved one find freedom from co-occurring issues during these impressionable years. Reach out today to learn more about our adolescent co-occurring disorder treatment program. Contact Foothills at Red Oak Recovery now at 866.300.5275 for more information.

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