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Children and teens develop emotional intelligence and social skills as they grow up. However, some of them develop behaviors or emotions that interfere with their well-being. In such cases, individual counseling for teens provides a safe space for them to process their emotions and thoughts. Individual therapy also helps them change how they behave in certain situations.

Why Teens Develop Mental Health Problems

young man in need of individual therapy for his mental healthTeens can suffer from many mental and behavioral disorders, including anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and substance abuse. These problems can develop for many reasons.

Research shows that stress is one of the most common causes. While some stress can motivate teens to perform well, too much can result in problems. Another common reason is the loss of relationships to moving away, not wanting to remain friends or death. While feeling lonely and sad is normal, these feelings affect teens’ lives when they linger for a period of time.

Teens who have medical conditions might act, feel, or think oddly compared to others. In fact, it’s the first thing that therapists check when young adults start going to individual therapy. In addition, being the victims of violence can cause ongoing effects. When teens don’t get counseling, they can develop serious disorders.

Furthermore, many other life changes can increase the risk of teens developing mental or behavioral issues. Some of these include:

  • Parental separation or divorce
  • Being the victims of bullying
  • Natural disasters
  • Birth of a new sibling
  • Taking on too much responsibility
  • Homelessness or poverty

Types of Individual Therapy for Teens

During individual counseling for teens, therapists talk with them about the problems they are dealing with. They ask teens about how they feel and then offer assignments that help them work through those issues. The assignments may involve writing in a journal or practicing specific skills.

Since not every teen faces the same challenges or has the same disorders, therapists use a range of techniques. One of the most popular teen therapy services we offer is cognitive-behavioral therapy. During these sessions, the goal is to improve teens’ behaviors and moods by changing negative feelings and thought patterns.

Another popular technique is interpersonal therapy. This brief treatment method specifically targets depression but is adaptable for many conditions. It focuses on how social events affect teens’ emotions, and it addresses problematic relationships.

Dialectical behavior therapy is useful in examining how teens deal with negative emotions and conflicts. It focuses on teaching healthy coping skills, the ability to regulate emotions, and how to live in the moment. Through these and other individual therapy activities, teens can better understand and manage their behavior and emotions.

Let Foothills at Red Oak Recovery Care for Your Teen

Does your teen need treatment for mental or behavioral health issues? Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is an addiction and mental treatment center for teens. We strive to help your teen manage and overcome obstacles relating to a range of mental health conditions. Attending one of our treatment programs can give your teen the tools that they need to move past their past and into the future.  Our staff can treat a range of disorders, including:

As part of treatment at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery, your teen will receive individual and group therapy services. We also offer family counseling, academic programming, and experiential therapies.

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