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A group of teens in a prescription drug addiction treatment programSubstance use disorders can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. And while everyone with a substance use disorder can benefit from treatment, teens, and adolescents often have different needs. If your teenager is facing a substance use disorder, adolescent substance abuse treatment will give him the best chance of success.

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Does Your Teen Need a Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

Teenagers are good at keeping secrets. If your son is struggling with prescription drug abuse, you might not even realize he’s been using drugs. Should you notice the following changes in him, there’s a chance he may be abusing prescription drugs or other substances:

  • Seclusion: While most teenagers need some privacy, complete isolation can be a sign that something deeper is going on
  • Excessive Irritability: Constant anger or irritability may indicate a struggle with a mental health or substance use disorder
  • Issues in School: A sudden drop in grades or increase in school absences than normal signals an underlying issue that needs to be addressed
  • Recklessness: Dangerous driving, unsafe sex, and other risky behaviors are often signs of underlying issues such as substance use

If you notice changes like these, the most important thing to do is talk to your son. Ask him questions without judgment and truly listen to his answers. By doing so, you might get a glimpse into some of the underlying factors contributing to his substance use.

Deciding to send your son to prescription drug addiction treatment in North Carolina might seem like a drastic step. However, most of the time, substance use disorders steadily worsen over time. The sooner you and your son decide it’s time to make a change, the greater his chances of recovery and a full life.

How Does Teen Prescription Drug Rehab Help?

Substance use disorders are often the result of several factors. Because there’s almost never a singular cause, it follows that a prescription drug addiction treatment program offers multiple treatment modalities to help teens learn to navigate life without drugs or alcohol.

At our prescription drug rehab in North Carolina, we firmly believe in the power of a holistic approach. Our clients benefit from a range of therapies:

  • Treatment of co-occurring disorders
  • Individual therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Process addiction (gaming, social media, etc.) treatment

The central focus uniting all of our methodologies is simple: we help teenagers learn healthier coping mechanisms so they can face the ups and downs of adolescence without turning to drugs.

Individual therapy sessions let boys discuss their struggles without worrying about what their parents will think. Family therapy also helps you better understand your son’s struggle and how to support him.

Of course, you can’t discount the importance of safe, beautiful surroundings when you’re recovering from a substance use disorder. Our prescription drug addiction treatment in North Carolina is located on our 94-acre horse farm, and our teen prescription drug rehab clients have plenty of space to learn and grow.

Find Your Road to Recovery at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery

Adolescence is a time of growth and change for boys. If your teen is struggling with prescription drug addiction, the time to address it is now. Our prescription drug rehab in North Carolina is tailored to the needs of adolescent boys.

With us, your teen will have access to a whole range of therapies, including holistic healing, family therapy, and equine therapy. Give your teen the gift of a bright future. Get in touch with Foothills at Red Oak Recovery by calling today or using our online contact form.