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America’s opioid crisis may not receive the same attention it did a few years ago, but it remains just as deadly. If your teen is showing signs of opioid misuse or an opioid use disorder, substance abuse treatment programs designed for adolescents can help. 

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What Is Teen Opioid Addiction Treatment?

A teenaged boy in opioid addiction treatmentEvery generation faces its own unique challenges. Today’s teenagers are dealing with a lot, including violence in schools, social media, and other pressures, in addition to the growing number of adolescents who misuse drugs. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse shared that 5% of high school seniors admit to misusing prescription opioids.1 Teen opioid addiction treatment is part of the answer to the current opioid crisis. 

With an extremely high addiction potential, even occasional experimentation with opioids could lead a teen to develop an opioid use disorder and potential overdose. As with adults, teens who become dependent on opioids will need the help of an opioid addiction treatment center. 

Teen opioid rehab at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery® is specifically designed to meet the needs of teenage boys who are struggling with substance or alcohol use disorders.

Drug misuse does not typically go away on its own. And with highly addictive substances like opioids, you can count on the problem getting worse over time. Opioid addiction treatment provides the therapy and support needed to end addictive behaviors before your child’s life is completely overtaken by opioids. 

Treatment reduces the chance of a fatal overdose. It can provide your child with the foundation they need to maintain sobriety in adulthood. 

What to Expect From Teen Opioid Rehab

Parents who have teens with drug use problems are already worried about their children’s well-being. There is a lot to consider when it’s time to choose a treatment center. 

A facility that deals specifically with teens is ideal. Fortunately, Foothills at Red Oak Recovery® offers opioid addiction treatment in North Carolina that does just that. Our therapists and counselors specialize in issues related to teen mental health and wellness. 

Family therapy is the foundation of any successful drug rehab program for teenagers. The family unit plays a major role in overcoming a drug use disorder. 

In some cases, relationships between teens and their parents must be rebuilt before a family can move forward together. Family therapy is also an opportunity for parents to receive more education about their child’s opioid use and the best ways to help them. 

Types of Therapies in Teen Opioid Addiction Treatment

Every client at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery® is an individual in need of specific services. Our personalized treatment plans help ensure that each teen receives the care that is best for them. We offer therapy services such as:

  • Group therapy
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Cognitive-behavior therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment

Clients at our opioid addiction treatment center also receive education about substance use issues that can help them change unwanted behaviors. 

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If you are the parent or guardian of a teen who is exhibiting signs of opioid misuse, we can help. The programs offered by Foothills at Red Oak Recovery® are specifically designed for teenage boys who are struggling with mental health concerns, defiance disorders, and substance use disorders. 

Our teen opioid addiction treatment program offers a holistic approach to recovery that recognizes each client’s special strengths and challenges. To learn more about teen opioid rehab, call Foothills at Red Oak Recovery® today at [Direct].


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