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Substance abuse in teens is running rampant across the country. If you’ve realized that your son is struggling with addiction, the next step you need to take is to help him get treatment. Residential treatment centers are the best option due to their high success rate. You may be tempted to send him to a local adolescent treatment center in Buckhead, GA. However, sending him to an out-of-state rehab center may be a better choice. At Foothills at Red Oak, we’re proud to provide the support your teen needs to begin his journey to sobriety. To learn more about the benefits of our North Carolina adolescent treatment center, contact Foothills at Red Oak today at 866.300.5275

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Teens may begin using substances for a wide range of reasons, according to the DEA. For instance:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Believing that using drugs or alcohol has little risk
  • Having a parent or older sibling who uses drugs or alcohol 
  • Lax parenting styles
  • Living in a community that permits youths using drinking, smoking, or using drugs
  • Going to a school that does not have rules or does not enforce rules about using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Having low grades or failing school
  • Being a victim of cyberbullying or bullying

An adolescent treatment center specifically assists teens in recovering from substance abuse. Many adolescent treatment programs help them build their confidence. They also offer a range of therapeutic options, giving your teen the tools he needs to overcome addiction. A combination of evidence-based and holistic treatment options can help your teen understand why he began using substances in the first place. They will also learn how to manage their triggers and cravings in the future. Our teen therapy programs include:

Adolescent treatment centers also should offer fully-accredited academic courses. These are helpful for teens whose grades have fallen due to alcohol or drug addiction. These programs give your teen the help they need to succeed. 

Why Shouldn’t You Choose an Adolescent Treatment Center in Buckhead, GA?

One of the reasons that you may not want to attend an adolescent treatment center in Buckhead, GA is that they may not offer residential treatment. There is a range of adolescent treatment options available for adolescents. Residential treatment is by far the most reliable because it offers the most support for your teen. A residential treatment center allows your teen to stay at the treatment facility while they recover from addiction. This removes the likelihood of running into their triggers and relapsing in the early days of treatment. Furthermore, it provides a safe and structured environment, which prevents your teen from meeting up with friends who would encourage them to use substances again. 

Furthermore, attending an out-of-state treatment center gives your teen the chance to relax in peace and quiet. Foothills at Red Oak offers a peaceful environment removed from their normal day-to-day life. Our treatment programs give your teen the chance to focus mentally and psychologically as he allows his body, mind, and soul to recover from addiction. 

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An adolescent treatment center in Buckhead, GA can’t give your teen the tools he needs to recover from addiction. At Foothills at Red Oak, we’re proud to provide gender-specific treatment for adolescents. We provide a wide range of mental health and addiction treatment options to give your teen an excellent shot at recovery. To learn more about our treatment options or to enroll your teen in our adolescent treatment program for boys, contact us today at 866.300.5275